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Our philosophy is that spiritually advanced societies support their artists.  We also believe that the social evolution of a society is evident by the degree to which the arts are valued. Artsciti’s mission is to support performing artists to and help the public and artists connect. Our themes “Culture and life Through Technology” expresses the desire of the ARTSCITI team to build bridges for artists and their communities (venues, fans/art patrons and event seekers, and other businesses).

ARTSCITI for Artists provides an online presence for performing artists (primarily musicians and actors) to present themselves formally to entertainment venues and the public and  promote themselves.  We do this through offering registration of artists. While offering tiers of support for individual artists, on the Artsciti site.

ARTSCITI for Venues provides an online presence for Venues, to promote their shows and food/drink specials and ambiance to the public and to present themselves formally to public and promote themselves.  We do this through offering a variety of technical services and advertising.

ARTSCITI for businesses allows businesses of all sizes and compositionis, promotors, managers, and other entreprenures enjoy another platform upon which to promote their products and services to the public.  We do this through offering sonline advertising for project budgets large and small.

ARTSCITI for  Fans/the public/ and Patrons of the Arts   serves as an aid for people who seek events, shows, and food/drink specials, the best in music, film, and theatre in their area.  This service is free to the public. However, for those who wish to be come members Patrons of Artsciti/Patrons of the Arts and support our mission through finiancial gifting or by posting-events in their areas, membership tiers are available.

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